Why penn essay

If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

Why penn essay

My first time writing this sort of essay so I'm not really sure how I should sound like. Just give any honest comments. The word limit is and it is now exactly My ward's power supply has been cut, so I only have one hour left to look at my dream school: Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Upenn.

I have recurrently imagined walking in Upenn's enormous campus. It instills in me a sense of adventure where will my secret spots be? And I admire Van Pelt Library's grandiose beauty.

Its high ceilings and brown color inculcate an Why penn essay but still cozy feel; not to mention the huge amount of available research materials. Van Pelt makes working much more enjoyable.

UPenn College Essay Example 2 - Penn Supplement

Now let's tab the "Interdisciplinary Study," it sounds interesting. The college allows me to design my own curriculum. This is perfect for me. Accounting and Finance has long been my favorite, but Psychology is intriguing, too, especially Consumer Psychology.

I would not be able to pursue both interests simultaneously in many other colleges. In Upenn, I can! While designing my own timetable, I will definitely make time to continue dancing.

Performing in Platt House sounds really thrilling. My dream of choreographing a Vietnamese dance and a hip-hop item can also be accomplished.

Why penn essay

I may even take up something new, like Archery or Martial Arts. Large and diverse as Upenn is, staying put for four years still seems dull. In two Junior College years, I participated in two overseas school trips, and cannot imagine four university years without one. I want to explore new economies, cultures and learn more useful skills.

I should never miss such precious chances to learn beyond classroom.

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I can try signing up for the organizing committee, too. Hopefully my secretarial experiences while organizing Spectra events in Singapore will help. How about "Life at Wharton?

Let's see, they have eight cohorts in just one school. Fascinatingly, cohorts are named after currencies! I like Rupee's maroon color, but Shekel and Yen look more enthusiastic and united in their photos.I have a good idea of what I want the meat of the essay to be. You know like how I want to pursue my interests there, but just starting it I.

Think about why you are applying to the school in the first place, and brainstorm, choosing a few ideas that you can elaborate on in an essay.

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Your essay should not be about why the college is a “good school,” but why it would be a good fit for you, and moreover, why you would be a good fit for it.

I think the Why Penn essay should try to mix in as much of YOU as possible. If you just talk about the school, it won't show how that school is good for you. For every paragraph you write, personalize it. Prompt: The Admissions Committee would like to learn why you are a good fit for your undergraduate school choice (College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, The Wharton School, or Penn Engineering).

Sep 04,  · I plan to ED to Penn, and I've finished the first draft of my personal statement, which explains why I want to go to law school. I plan to write a couple of the optional essays, and I have to choose from the list of topics they give. This sample “Why Penn” essay details the applicant’s visit to Penn.

It provides strong reasons why Penn is the ideal law school for this candidate, and it assures the Penn admissions committee that this student would attend if admitted (which he did).

Why Penn Essay Sample