Why alcohol is dangerous essay

We will first summarize these categories and then examine them in detail. Summary of references to wine in Scripture On the negative side, there are 17 warnings against abusing alcohol, 19 examples of people abusing alcohol, 3 references to selecting leaders, and one verse advocating abstinence if drinking will cause a brother to stumble.

Why alcohol is dangerous essay

The film was broadcast in the UK on February 3,and in the U. In one scene, Jackson introduces the Arvizo children and they talk happily about Gavin's unexpected recovery from cancer.

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Then Gavin and Jackson are interviewed together, Gavin holding Jackson's hand and at one point resting his head on Jackson's shoulder. At the trial, Gavin testified that Jackson initiated the hand-holding, but that he had put his head on Jackson's shoulder because he was "really close to Jackson" and Jackson was his "best friend".

In the video, Gavin tells Bashir about a night when he slept in Jackson's bed. He says that he and Jackson both offered to sleep on the floor and give each other the bed, but in the end Jackson slept on the floor while Gavin and Star slept in the bed.

Jackson stated in the documentary that many children, including Macaulay Culkinhis younger brother Kieranand his sisters [2] had slept in Jackson's bed. When Bashir asked if Jackson could see why some people might disapprove, Jackson said, "See, when you say 'bed,' you're thinking sexual.

They make that sexual. It's not sexual; we're going to sleep. His mother stated that she had not given Bashir permission to film her son and was not even aware of the filming prior to the broadcast. However, before the case proceeded very far, Sneddon changed his mind and obtained an indictment before a county grand jury.

Jackson was indicted for conspiracy to commit child abductionfalse imprisonmentextortionchild molestationattempted child molestation and providing alcohol to an underage person for purposes of molestation.

His alleged co-conspirators were not indicted. Some sources were critical of the charges, believing them an attempt to ameliorate PR damage caused by the documentary. Jackson was indicted based on the accuser's allegations of events which allegedly began after the documentary aired and after he and Jackson had already been friends for several years.

Why alcohol is dangerous essay

Part of the defense against this accusation was that it would be absurd for Jackson to begin molesting the boy only as soon he was suspected of the crime. As his attorney put it, The Bashir documentary was aired in the US on February 6, ; Gavin Arvizo 's given time frame for the alleged molestations was February 20, through March 12, The family had been acquainted with Michael Jackson for almost 2 years, but the alleged victim claimed he was molested after the footage was filmed and at a time "the whole world was already watching.

It includes Bashir praising Michael's qualities as a father and his relationships with children in general, while in the Bashir documentary, he says he is "disturbed" by Michael's relationships with children. Further, an interview with the family was filmed on the night of February 19,in videographer Hamid Moslehi's home.

This part of the production was never aired because Moslehi refused to hand it over following a financial dispute with Jackson. The relationship that Michael has with my children is beautiful, loving, father-son, and daughter one. To my children and me, Michael is part of the family.

A school official from the Los Angeles Unified School District had lodged a complaint out of concern for the boy who would later become Jackson's accuser and for his younger brother.

Why alcohol is dangerous essay

After watching the Bashir documentary, the official suspected sexual abuse by Jackson and general neglect by the mother. The entire family insisted that no inappropriate contact with Jackson occurred; moreover, the mother said that the children were never left alone with Jackson. The case was closed and the charges marked as "unfounded.

These moves were a result of the negative attention received by Michael Jackson and the Arvizo family after the Bashir documentary.

Marc Schaffel instructed Jackson's employees to help with preparations for the trip to Brazil and with the family's move to the new apartment and the Arvizo children's registration in the new school district. Walker advised the Jackson employee that the Arvizo family were being harassed by the media as a result of the Bashir Documentary and needed an apartment suitable for a family as well as the children to be checked into school.

The trip was disclosed to Walker and the apartment change and school district registration would be made while on vacation in Brazil. The family's plans for a trip to Brazil would play a role in future allegations—and more specifically, in the conspiracy charge with the non-indicted co-conspirators.

After all preparations were completed for the trip to Brazil and for the move to the new apartment, Janet decided to call off the vacation, which was immediately canceled.

According to witnesses, the Jackson camp told the family that death threats were made against the family in relation to the airing. The Arvizos claimed that Jackson had planned to trap the family in Brazil to keep them from making allegations.

However, the defense asked why Jackson would buy the family two-way tickets to and from Brazil if his plans were to "trap" the family in another country. The children returned to Jackson's Neverland ranch and a day later their mother joined them after resuming preparations for the trip to Brazil—although, she would later testify, she did not really want to go.

From February 25 to March 2 the family, along with some of Jackson's staff, stayed in a hotel in Calabasas, Californiaand went shopping in preparation for the trip to Brazil.


After that, the family stayed at Neverland again. On March 10, the mother and the accuser drove from Neverland to Kaiser Permanente Hospital with a urine sample of the accuser, Gavin, for a scheduled medical check-up.

On the way to the hospital, Janet spilled the urine sample on the passenger-side floor of the car. When asked by a Jackson employee what happened, Janet said that she spilled the urine accidentally.


At the hospital, Gavin received numerous tests for his kidney, including a dye test.grupobittia.com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. People v. Jackson (full case name: The People of the State of California grupobittia.coml Joe Jackson) was a criminal trial held in Santa Barbara County Superior Court, in which American recording artist Michael Jackson was charged with molesting Gavin Arvizo, a year-old boy whom the pop star had grupobittia.comn was indicted for four counts of molesting a minor, four counts of.

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Binge drinking is defined as drinking to excess. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism [NIAAA] defines binge drinking as a pattern of drinking alcohol that brings blood alcohol concentration [BAC] to grams percent or above.

Alcohol is a very serious and dangerous drug, although it is not treated this way anymore. College students have taken drinking to a new level in which, for many, is very scary. Alcohol is much more dangerous than many would think. People v. Jackson (full case name: The People of the State of California grupobittia.coml Joseph Jackson) was a criminal trial held in Santa Barbara County Superior Court, in which American recording artist Michael Jackson was charged with molesting Gavin Arvizo, a year-old boy whom the pop star had grupobittia.comn was indicted for four counts of molesting a minor, four counts of.

Alcohol: Short-term and long-term effects