Report on consumer behavior of soft drinks essay

As the floodgates have been opened up for Multinational Companies, the global giant Coca-cola also decided to make an entry into the Indian market. In India, the per capita consumption of soft drinks is at rock bottom level even less than our neighboring countries Pakistan and Bangladesh, where it is four times as much. In the peak season, they found themselves short of capacity and having to turn around their trucks faster and faster to slake the greater Indian thirst. With growth rates zooming into the double digits, bottlers have been propelled into expanding capacities.

Report on consumer behavior of soft drinks essay

While cola drinks have main markets in metro cities and northern states of Punjab, Haryana etc. Orange flavored drinks are popular in southern states. Sodas too are sold largely in southern states besides sale through bars. Western markets have preference towards mango flavored drinks.

Report on consumer behavior of soft drinks essay

Diet coke presently constitutes just 0. This particular project allows a student to implement what we have learned within the four walls of classroom.

It is here that the caliber of student is tested to find his flexibility for rigorous tasks assigned to him in future. This report is divided in two parts.

The first part gives the basic information about the project, the industry and the company. The second part consists of Research Analysis and Conclusion on the basis of particular Research Process.

At the end we have provided a short list of the reference books and the sites that provided useful information during the project. In Vadodara city, market size for FY00 was around 0.

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Soft Drink Production Area The market preference is highly regional based. While cola drinks have main markets in cities and northern states of Punjab, Haryana etc. Growth Promotional Activities The government has adopted liberalized policies for the soft drink trade to give the industry a boast and promote the Indian brands internationally.

Although the import and manufacture of international brands like Pepsi and Coke is enhanced in India the local brands are being stabilized by advertisements, good quality and low cost.

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The soft drinks market till early s was in hands of domestic players like gold spot, thumps up, coca cola etc but with opening up of economy and coming of MNC players Pepsi and Coke the market has come totally under their control.

The distribution network of Coca cola had 6. Types Soft drinks are available in glass bottles, aluminum cans and PET bottles for home consumption. Fountains also dispense them in disposable containers Non-alcoholic soft drink beverage market can be divided into fruit drinks and soft drinks.

Soft drinks can be further divided into carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. Cola and lemon are carbonated drinks while mango drinks come under non carbonated category.

The market can also be segmented on the basis of types of products into cola products and non-cola products.PROJECT TITLE CONSUMER BEHAVIOR ON SOFT DRINKS AT HINDUSTANCOCA COLA BEVARAGES PVT LTD 1 CONTENTS Page no CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION Need for the study Objectives of the study Research methodology Scope of the study Limitations of the study CHAPTER-II COMPANY PROFILE CHAPTER-III THEORETICAL BACKGROUND ABOUT THE TOPIC CHAPTER .

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The Soft Drinks in India industry profile is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the soft drinks industry. It includes detailed data on market size and segmentation, plus textual analysis of the key trends and competitive landscape, demographic information, and descriptions of the leading companies like Pepsi & Coca- Cola.

Consumer behaviour for soft drinks is largely volatile and there is very little brand loyalty to be found among consumers.


But despite the choices given, a section of . Consumer Behavior - Analysis of Coca-Cola Consumer Behavior - Analysis of a Product or Service The objectives of this report are to discuss what consumer behavior is, why consumer behavior is vital, and how consumer behavior is influenced by the needs, goals, and motivations of the consumer.

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The view of consumer on the consumption of the soft drink on the basis of time is as follow, No specific time %, evening %, afternoon %, morning %, night %. 8. We came to conclusion that visibility affect the sales in a very special way and in term of advertisement the brand ambassador, creativity, Idea of sending message is .

‘ To understand the consumer perception towards soft drinks and healthy fruit drinks ‘ To understand the consumer purchase behavior ‘ To understand what people prefer most towards soft drinks and find out how effective .