Pracy writing a letter

Working hours Working hours The Working Environment Act defines working hours as time when the employee is at the disposal of the employer. The time the employee is not at the disposal of the employer is referred to as off-duty time. There are limits for how much you may work per hour day and per week. These limits are laid down in the Working Environment Act, but may also be regulated by your employment contract and by any collective agreements.

Pracy writing a letter

Social Other -When you are summarising your CV, it is worth highlighting the skills and abilities that can be used at a certain position that you are applying for, such as: Interests Presentation of yourself should not be limited to professional aspects. It is worth adding an informal accent, e.

The Emloyer may turn out to be a keen numismatist or a fan of Romanian horror movies. You should also take it into account to avoid being caught on making up stories regarding your interests. The clause on personal data protection: Add the following clause to your CV: Using templates or wizards will certainly help you to prepare your own CV.

CV should be concise document that contains all the required information. All the information provided in the CV should be true. Remember that the CV is your business card — not only the content but also the graphic side and its simplicity matter. Avoid unnecessary decorative elements.

Check the readability of all the information provided. It is advisable to insert a photo in the CV, but avoid informal photos and, what would be even worse, photos of you and some other persons.

A photo in the identity card format on a bright, smooth background is absolutely sufficient for the Employer. Avoid typos, inaccuracy and, most of all, spelling mistakes!

If you are not sure about the spelling of a particular word, check it up in the dictionary. Do not send your CV in a foreign language that you do not know since you are implying in this way that you can speak this language.

The name of the file with your CV should include your name and surname. Do not use informal file names [e.

pracy writing a letter

Do not use informal e-mail addresses [e. Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. If you apply the above rules, you will increase the chances of your success in the first stage of recruitment!

How to write an application letter? An application letter is also called a cover letter.

pracy writing a letter

An application letter consists of two parts. The first part should include a presentation of oneself and the aim of sending an application letter. The structure of a properly written application letter is as follows: The letter should be concise and factual.PART 1 I'm speaking English for my own satisfaction / my job / in order to improve my employment prospects.

If you want to go ahead these days, you need to have a good command of English I always loved (the sea). I'd love to visit places untouched by man. However, there's no place like home.

Place and date of writing an application letter (right upper corner). Name, surname and contact details of an applying person left upper corner. Name and address of a company which is addressed, name and surname of a person who is responsible for the recruitment (if this is known) on the right side below.

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How to Write a Business Letter