Juliet capulet and her relationship to

Hire Writer Lord and Lady Capulet have a distant but loving relationship with their daughter, Juliet. Interestingly enough it is Lord Capulet who shows more love towards Juliet than his wife. But it all changes as the play progresses. Juliet at the beginning of the play comes across as a polite and innocent girl, but she has yet to meet Romeo.

Juliet capulet and her relationship to

He describes her as wonderfully beautiful: After Romeo sees Juliet his feelings suddenly change: Name[ edit ] " Juliet on the balcony ponders Romeo's name and likens it to that rose that remains itself whatever it is called.

Is Juliet that rose, and, thereby, Rosaline renamed? When it was imported into English it was thought to be from the Latin rosa linda "lovely rose". Since Rosaline is unattainable, she is a perfect subject for this style; but Romeo's attempt at it is forced and weak.

By the time he meets Juliet his poetic ability has improved considerably. Thus, when Juliet cries "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," she is ironically expressing Romeo's own view of her as a substitute for Rosaline.

That is to say, Rosaline, replaced in name only by Juliet, is just as sweet to Romeo. In these sonnets Shakespeare urges the man who can be equated with Romeo to find a woman with whom to procreate—a duty he owes to society.

Rosaline, it seems, is distant and unavailable except in the mind, similarly bringing no hope of offspring. As Benvolio argues, she is best replaced by someone who will reciprocate. Rosaline reveals similarities to the subject of the sonnets when she refuses to break her vow of chastity.

Her name may be referred to in the first sonnet when the young man is described as "beauties Rose. When Juliet says " Scholars have found similarities between them: Rosaline in Love's Labours Lost constantly rebuffs her suitor's advances and Romeo's Rosaline remains distant and chaste in his brief descriptions of her.

These similarities have led some to wonder whether they are based on a woman Shakespeare actually knew, possibly the Dark Lady described in his sonnets, but there is no strong evidence of this connection. Without her, their meeting would be unlikely.

Ironically, she remains oblivious of her role.

Romeo and Juliet

Some see Romeo's supposed love for Rosaline as childish as compared with his true love for Juliet. Others argue that the apparent difference in Romeo's feelings shows Shakespeare's improving skill. Since Shakespeare is thought to have written early drafts of the play inand then picked them up again in to create the final copy, the change in Romeo's language for Rosaline and Juliet may mirror Shakespeare's increased skill as a playwright: In this view, a careful look at the play reveals that Romeo's love for Rosaline is not as petty as usually imagined.

Before meeting Rosaline, Romeo despises all Capulets, but afterwards looks upon them more favourably.As her mother Lady Capulet insists on her marrying rich and handsome Paris, Juliet truly claims she isn’t looking for love and a husband and is definitely not desperate for a husband as she will meet her true love when the right time comes.

The Relationship Between Lord Capulet and Juliet in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Capulet first appears to be an aggressive man. It can be seen in act 1, scene 1, when there is a brawl on the streets of Verona, that . Act, Scene, Line (Click to see in context) Speech text: 1.

Juliet capulet and her relationship to

I,1, A crutch, a crutch! why call you for a sword? 2. I,3, Nurse, where's my daughter? call her forth to me. Capulet also decides to test Paris and let Juliet fall in love due to her being the only heir he has and the only daughter.

His representation of controlling and unsympathetic parent helps the audience to also understand Juliet's unhappiness while half agreeing with Capulets actions back in the Elizabethan era. Juliet is of the Capulet family.

Juliet capulet and her relationship to

Her father is domineering and subject to fits of rage, and her mother is intensely vindictive and at one point threatens to kill Romeo. Juliet can only look to her parents for discipline, never for sympathy. I was also really interested in her age, both in terms of what this meant for her relationship with Juliet (they are only 13 years apart) but also her relationship with Capulet, as she has been his wife for almost half of her life.

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