Innovation and enterprise assignment

Write essay on 'Innovation and Enterprise'. Tourism is one of the most important and economically overpowering industries of New Zealand. Tourism in New Zealand is an enormous industry. New Zealand is perceived as the greenest and the cleanest adventure destination in the world tourism market.

Innovation and enterprise assignment

Unit 1 Business Strategy Enterprise QFC Level Level 4 Introduction In business strategy enterprise Assignment there is required to take effective decisions which can lead to effective and efficient results in organisation.

For this purpose there must be strategic management by taking strategic decision after analysing available alternatives and selecting the most effective option which can help in achieving organisational goals and objectives.

This report will define various aspects related to making understanding about the entrepreneurial opportunities and requirement of innovation and creativity that can help in achieving effective growth.

This report will define and evaluate various strategic options available in the organisations. Different approaches for achieving the organisational vision and mission that can make impact on the various opportunities available to grow. This report will also discuss different aspects of developing creativity in activities in organisation that can be achieved by developing analytical skills to take strategic decisions and achieving effective results.

Task 1 Question 1: Analysis of strategic capabilities and external environment Strategic capabilities- In any organisation there is required Innovation and enterprise assignment do effective planning of different resources and aspects which can make impact on the overall effectiveness of the organisation.

Strategic capability is defined as the availability of the resources and competencies which contributes to effective and long term survival of the company by developing competitive advantage among its competitors in market Mihajlovna, Tesco is a UK based food and retail company which is leading in this market and providing its services in different countries around the globe.

In this company strategic management plays important role and help in achieving its goals and objectives in effective manner this helps in identifying the strategic capabilities of the company which includes different resources like physical resources, human resources, financial resources that can make impact in developing competitive advantage.

Strategic capability includes ability to integrate and build internal and external competencies in the organisation that can make impact on the overall effectiveness of the organisation like Tesco.

In every organisation there is required to have effective strategic management which includes strategic decision making that can make impact on overall effectiveness of running of any organisation.

There are considered long term advantages and goals which help in effective planning and application of resources in organisation Mihajlovna, Tesco is providing effective services to its customers due to its strategic capabilities and this is helping in developing competitive advantage among its competitors.

Following are the internal resources and competencies of Tesco which are the sources of competitive advantage in the company. Effective and efficient resources help in achieving the competitive advantage in the organisation. Physical resources- There are effective role of physical resources in the organisation that make it possible to achieve organisational goals and objectives of the company.

There are included machines, raw material, products and patents of innovations in the company, data base and computer systems in organisation can make impact on the overall effectiveness of execution of activities in better manner and provide effective results that can lead to develop organisation.

Effective use of these resource by Tesco which is making it superior to another companies involved in this industry. Financial resource- Finance is required to effectively execute all the activities in any organisation Kuznetsova, et. In case of lack of financial resources any organisation cannot effective execute its activities and it becomes difficult to achieve organisational goals and objectives that can make impact on overall effectiveness.

Financial resources include balance sheet, cash flow statements, investments and suppliers of funds which are leading all the activities in effective direction. Tesco is a leading company and effectively managing its financial resources which is making impact in developing competitive advantage.

Innovation & Enterprise

Human resources- Human resources are key requirement of any organisation as in they are liable to execute every activity in the organisation in effective manner that can help in achieving organisational goals and objectives V, There are included managers, employee relationspartners, suppliers and customers in organisation.Innovation and Enterprise For my Innovation and Enterprise assignment I intend to create a portfolio in order display my potential skills in sound design.

My portfolio should show potential employers the skills I possess and also convince them to select me for a job. Being in the competitive environment, innovation and entrepreneurial leader are essential for an organisation for its survival and success.

The definitions of entrepreneurship, innovation and the way in which they are applied in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) is briefed in this assignment. Introduction. In business strategy enterprise Assignment there is required to take effective decisions which can lead to effective and efficient results in organisation.

Enterprise and Innovation – Research Paper 2 | P a g e ABSTRACT Despite the importance of entrepreneurship in changing the economic landscape of many countries, the identification of the entrepreneurial opportunity is still in its early stages. Every business enterprise needs to innovates their process sustain in the competitive market condition.

Innovation and enterprise assignment

In this research paper, the main object discussed is about the innovation required by the organizations to survive in the market. The small business of New Zealand is mainly dependent on the.

Enterprise & Innovation Assignment - Mind Map Narrative - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This report presents a thumbnail sketch of how the entrepreneurship’s mind map was produced.

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