I t c in nigeria movie industry

History[ edit ] The history of cinema in Nigeria dates back to as early as the history of film itself; notably in the late 19th century, with the use of peephole viewing of motion picture devices. This brought about the influx of more European film exhibitors to Nigeria. The film was also the first film ever to feature Nigerian actors in a speaking role [11] [12] As ofthere were four other halls showing films twice a week in Lagos Mainland and one hall each in Ebute Metta and Oshodi.

I t c in nigeria movie industry

Arts Oct 24, 2: Today, Nollywood films are available globally on cellphones, Netflix and YouTube, and on streets across Africa.

This despite the many obstacles filmmakers might face: Nigeria was under British rule from towhen an independence movement led to self-government. None recognized our existence as a distinct culture, as a distinct civilization, a distinct aspiration.

I t c in nigeria movie industry

It showed people faithful to their wives and people who cheated, just as happened in the West. And since the s, Nollywood films have only continue to proliferate and spread.

Why did you want to write about Nollywood?

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Columbia Global Reports asked me to do it, but I had done a Fulbright in Mozambique, and had written about cinema there. I had encountered Nollywood movies for sale. I watched a few of the movies, and they were unlike anything I had seen before.

There were elements of a soap opera but they were much crazier than that, the production values were often very poor, and yet they were very popular.

How did this happen, and in such a short period of time? Out of that they started shooting movies on VHS and copying and distributing them on the street because the hunger for local entertainment was so strong. Nigerians just like Nigerian stuff better than from other places.

Nigerians also saw an opportunity to create content that has black people in it, instead of [those colonialist narratives]. A Nollywood DVD cover. Nollywood movies are now available on Netflix and elsewhere online. These new digital platforms have allowed Nollywood to be more available.

Before if you were abroad and trying to watch a Nollywood movie, a mom-and-pop shop would take out a movie from a pile at random, and the packaging was pretty bootleg.

Now these movies that were outside of formal distribution are finding their way into them. Can you talk a bit more about what makes Nollywood movies distinctive? And how their stories or look is changing? What I came to understand when I was there is that there are two classes of movies that reflect the hierarchy in Nigeria.

Since cinemas have reopened, a number of movies are made by wealthier or middle class Nigerians, some of them educated abroad. There are urban stories, that are more cosmopolitan, and with less moralism than old Nollywood movies.

But I spoke to some actors who had a foot in both the old Nollywood, churning them out by the dozens, and in the more cinematic industry. And older-style production values have improved a lot.

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But they tend to favor traditional stories often with a strong moral message. They might be slightly formulaic, like a fairy tale often has certain tropes.

The king is dressed as a beggar, for example, trying to find a wife for his son. That kind of almost folkloric story gets told 10 different ways in 10 different stories, versus a new Nollywood movie that is a little more glitz and glamour.

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Can you talk about a specific Nollywood movie you loved? What I liked about it is it has cultural specific instances and social messages but also follows this global movie format. Is there a way to tell just how popular Nollywood movies are?

Or what the most popular movie is? But you see the films everywhere, even really far away from West Africa, in Ghana and Kenya.Home / Career / How to Join Nigerian Movie Industry (NOLLYWOOD) By Chibuzor Mbah on December 10, In this guide, I will show you how you can join Nigerian Movie Industry (NOLLYWOOD) either as an actor, actress, writer, producer, or .

I.T.C IN NIGERIA MOVIE INDUSTRY According to Hala Gorani and Jeff Koinange formerly of CNN, Nigeria has a US$ million movie industry, churning out some videos for the home video market every month.

This has made Nigerian the largest movie industry in Africa and the second largest in the world in terms of both value . Feb 19,  · Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, overtook its rival, South Africa, as the continent’s largest economy two years ago, thanks in part to the film industry’s explosive growth.

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EMILY WITT: The industry came out of an extremely difficult time in Nigeria where all the movie theaters closed, state television networks couldn’t pay anybody and the currency had tanked so.

In recent years, recognizing the film industry’s huge economic potential, the Nigerian government has worked with international groups and has set aside public funds to support the industry (table 1).

In addition, the entire industry according to data released in showed that Nollywood is a mouthwatering $3 billion industry. At Jumia Travel, we believe that Nollywood is a thriving gold mine and if massively exploited, it can help promote and grow Nigeria’s hospitality industry.

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