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Route description[ edit ] Highway at Weston Road has volumes of overvehicles per day during the summer months, making it one of the busiest stretch of highway in the world. In anticipation of the future expansion of the highway, the transportation ministry purchased a

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United States[ edit ] California Highway Patrol Many state police agencies in the United States take the name of "highway patrol" rather than "state police".

State police agencies may fulfill the role of highway patrol, and vice versa. For instance, the Arizona Highway Patrol is actually a state police agency, meaning that it is a police body having statewide authority to conduct law enforcement activities and criminal investigations.

In addition to its highway patrol duties, it performs functions outside the normal purview of the city police or the county sheriffsuch as enforcing traffic laws on state highways and interstate expressways, overseeing the security of the state capitol complex and other state buildings, protecting the governor, providing technological and scientific support services, and helping to coordinate multi-jurisdictional task force activity in serious or complicated cases.

The California Highway Patrol also serves as bailiffs and courtroom deputies for certain state courts, such as the appellate courts and the California Supreme Court building in San Francisco. The state traffic enforcement agency retained the name "California Highway Patrol" after the merger of the smaller California State Police with the larger—and better-known—CHP and the combination of their functions into one agency.

Some highway patrol organizations, however, such as the North Carolina State Highway Patrolare specifically charged with the enforcement of traffic laws, and while able to enforce other laws, they are not an official "state police" agency, yet retain their statewide jurisdiction [2] in the same vein as the California Highway Patrol or the New Jersey State Police.

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In other cases, states like Texas have a bona fide and appropriately named state police department such as the Texas Department of Public Safetyof which only one arm is a highway patrol division. Highway patrol and state police officers are often referred to as "State Trooper". Historically, a troop was a small cavalry unit; many state police forces originated as mounted paramilitary forces who were stationed in barracks like soldiers, hence the term "trooper.

Some agencies, particularly on the east coast, refer to their state police offices as "barracks," although troopers generally do not reside there. Other state police forces, particularly highway patrols as in California, have always modeled themselves after police officers who simply commute to work like ordinary civilians.

Like police officers, they use the title "officer.

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Many states and their Departments of Transportation have organized government-run freeway service patrolsHighway Assistance Patrols, or Highway Safety Patrols, to assist with highway emergencies as needed.

While not law enforcement personnel, these persons provide free service to motorists in distress, and secure lanes of traffic, provide emergency medical assistance, request tow trucks for vehicles in inconvenient or dangerous locations, remove debris from the roadway after a crash, and resolve minor disabled vehicle problems, such as flat tires, jumpstarts, or pushing a disabled vehicle out of travel lanes.

Many of these patrols work directly with the State Police and Highway Operations departments of their state, and respond to assistance when a citizen calls for minor roadside assistance duties.Aug 06,  · The decision will keep the highway patrol from having to retrain its troopers to use a different type of drive train.

Highway patrol pp

"The Ford CVPI is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, and all of our people have been trained on rear-wheel-drive vehicles," says Lt. Anne Ralston, the patrol’s spokesperson. Oct 25,  · Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Orr protects Sooners coach Lincoln Riley on game days.

Now, take a ride along with him during his patrol shift. The Highway Patrol Division (HPD) is staffed by uniformed state troopers; they are highly recognizable by an all-tan uniform and Montana Peak (Smokey) hat.

Learn more about the history of the Arizona Highway Patrol and how the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) began.

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The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Division of Drug and Crime Control announces the arrest of Shawn R.

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