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Finish my sentence app music writing app

There was a lot of sound earlier, but it all vanished after I entered this room.

finish my sentence app music writing app

This unassuming room… It looks quite ordinary…with the exception that sound seems to fade into silence here. I looked up, mounted on the wall at the other side of the room was a clock, its hands seemingly frozen in time. According to the clock, it was eternally noon…or midnight.

Feeling confused, I turned round and walked towards the door, opened it and stepped out. The moment my body passes through the door, sound started to flood my ears. There was sound again. It was a gentle voice, it exuded warmth.

There was the sound of tinkering and activity downstairs. The kettle had stopped whistling and in the distance I could hear the faint sound of children laughing.

I turned back to look at the room.

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The door was wide open, I could see almost everything inside. The old bookshelf in the left corner, the two weathered armchairs, the clock on the wall and part of the covered piano which was sitting quietly on the right side of the room. Slowly I walked towards the room again. My whole body was oddly enough tensing up as I got closer and closer.

I stopped before the door and looked at my wristwatch. The second hand was ticking away. It was four in the afternoon. I took a deep breath and stepped in. Silence fell around me once more. I looked at my wristwatch. The second hand had stopped moving.

I walked deeper into the room and started to properly explore it. Looking at every nook and cranny. I went to the bookshelf and started browsing through the books there.

The bookshelf had a mix of history books and some literary novels. Nothing was particularly out of the norm…until I caught a glimpse of a small black book tucked between two thick Encyclopedia Britannica.

Curious, I tried to pry out the book from between the thick hardcover books. It was a young man in a crisp gray suit.

He seemed normal enough, thick brown hair combed neatly to one side, cool blue eyes observing me behind small-frame glasses.

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He was also tall, perhaps a few good inches past six feet. He looks normal enough…that is until I noticed his tie. The tie he wore was…pulsating, changing into different colors and occasionally turning pitch black before changing colors again.

I stared at it, entranced. I picked it myself. When I arrived earlier, there was no one else in this house. Just the elderly woman and her pet tabby cat. He placed a hand on my shoulder, it was gentle and warm.

He then walked behind me and nudged me in the direction of the door.Mar 29,  · A great sheet music notation app for music composer to write great composition.

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