Embrassing moment essay

Majorelectrico My Most Embarrassing Moment Some of the life events are easily to be forgotten while others remain so fresh in the brain as if they happened the previous day. Embarrassing moment is that time when one wishes the earth could develop an opening and swallow him or her.

Embrassing moment essay

My most embarrassing moment essay: Occurrence in My Life My most embarrassing moment essay: How worse could it get?

Everybody experiences some embarrassing moments in his or her life. Likewise that I have also experienced this sort of incidents in my life. Embarrassing moments are easy Embrassing moment essay recall and most of the time these make us laugh, but today the most embarrassing moments that happened in my life will be shared with you, and I am sure that you will also agree that such severe shame should not be experienced too often by anybody.

You may laugh out loud by knowing my terrible moments, but I hate to recall this in the form of writing an argumentative essay My most embarrassing moment essay - Moment 1: My friend invited me on the day of his birthday and he wanted to celebrate the day beautifully, so he not only invited me but also invited many of us.

Actually, the date of his birthday was 21st October. Another problem happened that the school was also closed for some occasions. For that, I had no regular communication with my friends. I remembered the date as 22th October though the date was one day behind. While I was buying the gift for my friend, he along with our friends were celebrating the birthday because the date was 21th October.

At first, my reaction was very awkward because I saw neither anybody nor any festive look there. I did not understand what happened there. I became perplexed and I asked her what happened?

Suddenly my friend, Jemmie, came out and scolded me for not participating on the birthday celebration. I became dumbfounded and explained everything. He was convinced and served me some slices of his birthday cake and other foods which were prepared on his birthday.

I was just embarrassed in front of two people - my friend and his mom, I did not know that worse thing is waiting for me on the next day.

I thought that my embarrassment was ended there, but actually not. I think it was all for the success of my most embarrassing moment essay. My school was opened on the next day, I mean on 23th October. When I reached my school, I saw some of my friends were laughing.

When I entered into my classroom, I heard a huge sound of laughter by almost all of my friends. I understood that my friend shared everything about my mistakes on his birthday. I felt very shy and was about to cry. I think this is the most embarrassing moment in my life.

I have never ever experienced that sort of severe insulting incident again. My most embarrassing moment essay - Moment 2: It was in when I was 20 years old. Before that time, I did all my domestic travels by buses or other vehicles other than planes.

The reasons were for cost effectiveness. On the day of my flight, I went to the airport. I was very anxious to board the airplane and the perfect time came when the time reached at 7 p. I got aboard on the plane very anxiously.When the phrase "embarrassing moment" is asked, what is the first thing comes to our mind?

A moment when you failed to proof even when you are really good at it. Human life is full of events and incidents. Some are good ones while others we don't even want to remember. But most of them remain in /5(2).

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The essay sample provided herein reflects upon the most embarrassing event in the author's life and elaborates on the lesson learnt through it. My most embarrassing moment is still fresh in my memory.

I was in my fourth year in high school and was at break time. I . It was such an embarrassing moment for me that I felt like crying. The entire class started laughing at me and I was the new dumbo of the class. I do not think that we can avoid these embarrassing moments in our life.

Embrassing moment essay

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