Does spanking children causes cognitive and

Email Spanking a child leads to bad behaviorsnot the better manners some parents may think a smack on the bottom will elicit, a new study suggests.

Does spanking children causes cognitive and

JAY h 1 Running Head: Childhood experiences are thought to influence the development of mental health problems later in life.

Whether people agree or disagree on spanking research findings from past years, they show at least nine reasons that physical punishment should not be used on children with corporal punishment.

The purpose of this paper is to gather information from already completed research to help add a new level of understanding. Many variables play a role in why parents use spanking for punishment such as ethnicity, social class, income, and society.

It is predicted that the youth who receives physical punishment shows more aggression and develops mental disorders in adulthood. Overall, this is an essential part of children's health Childhelp, n.

Child neglects definition as abuse in relation to failure to provide appropriate care, food, clothes, and housing.

Neglect is not physical abuse it is more than one incident situation. It is designate by a pattern of improper care and observed by a person who has had close contact with the child.

Neglect is usually noticed by poor hygiene, inadequate weight gain, improper medical care, etc. There have been four types of neglect classified educational, mental, emotional, and physical Childhelp, Child abuse occurs is when a caretaker inflicts physical harm to a child while in their care on purpose.

There are many forms of child abuse, such as physical abuse, fetal abuse, emotional abuse, and spiritual abuse Childhelp, The mental disorder it creates includes, but is not limited to, adult anxiety, depression, and aggression.

Also, drugs and alcohol dependence has been recorded problem for adults who were spanked as a child.

Does spanking children causes cognitive and

Child abuse has not always been known as abuse due to societies using a harsh punishment to teach children how to become productive adult citizens Smith, An act was passed on child abuse that requires any person to report child abuse and neglect. The act helps to be responsible for the safety of children who are battered or mistreated.

This action helped the authorities to create an area of social services to prohibit child abuse and neglect.

Does spanking children causes cognitive and

Children who are spanked are often abused regularly, once hit the caretaker gets harsher as time goes. This is due to the reactions of the parents; one swat was fine, then in time the more stress the worse the hitting and swatting to the child.

The children who had been spanked were more likely to be insubordinate, demand immediate gratification of their wants and needs, become more exasperated easier, have anger outbursts, and have physical outburst against other people or mistreat animals.


Thus, may-be that spanking sets up a continuous motion of misbehaviors. Corporal punishment implants fear rather than information.

Even if children stop tantrums when spanked, that does not mean they get why they should not have been acting out in the misbehaving manner in the first place.

In addition, spanking sets a bad example, training children that aggressive behavior is a resolution to their parents' complications. People noticed more children receiving injuries, and this was not a simple child-rearing situation anymore. This set the child protection laws into motion to protect the children instead of hurt them.

The short- 5 Running Head:A scientist makes a definitive case against spanking, including how it slows cognitive development and increases antisocial and criminal behavior.

"The Primordial Violence" (Routledge, ) shows.

81% of Americans Support Spanking

Debunking corporal punishment myth #1: Spanking children for discipline does no harm on the negative impact that spanking has on cognitive and intellectual development. (for that is what. New study claims spanking causes mental illness. According to the findings of a new study, spanking a child is linked to a greater likelihood of them developing aggressive and anti-social behavior, as well as having cognitive difficulties.

Spanking children – should parents be using corporal punishment? This debate comes up periodically and has recently been reignited in light of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s indictment for child abuse for spanking (hitting?) his 4-year-old son with a switch.

Spanking children should be considered child abuse because it teaches children the wrong message about hitting, it does not teach a child to act out of conscience, but out of fear, it hurts the parent-child relationship, and there are other more effective forms of child discipline.

Nov 20,  · More than 50 years of research have shown that spanking is linked to behavior problems getting worse, and an increased risk of mental health issues, anti-social behavior, and cognitive impairment later K.

How to Include Spanking in Child Discipline (with Pictures)