Case study tesla motors 17

Not only did Tesla Chief Executive and Chief Product Architect Elon Musk demonstrate that convention could be defied, he did it in an industry with year-old traditions, norms, and processes. Of course, the auto industry has innovated in the past, but Tesla, which was founded inhas pushed the envelope beyond what most automakers thought possible. Inhe disrupted e-commerce by creating a widely deployable and secure payment platform called PayPal. And inhe launched SpaceX, a company that designs, manufactures, and launches rockets and spacecraft.

Case study tesla motors 17

In CBA, an estimation of the total value of all the benefits of a certain project is compared to that of the value of the costs that are needed in order to realize such project.

In order for the assessor to come up with a better angle of comparison, these values must be expressed into a uniform unit of measurement. Usually, in computing CBA, the values of the cost and benefits are converted into their monetary value. Once all the costs and benefits of the project have been taken into consideration, comparison may be done.

If the value of the benefits outweighs that of the costs, it means that the project is a worthwhile endeavor. The next point of evaluation would be the calculation of the break-even point — the time at which the benefits of the project pay off the costs.

It would be most preferable to have a shorter payback period. Generally, CBA helps business people to decide whether or not to undertake a particular project.

It allows them to frame the best and appropriate project objectives. As the corporate world is becoming more and more aware of the effects of Climate Change, companies are looking to implement environment-friendly practices in their offices. The same holds true for huge manufacturing companies.

CBA allows the companies to evaluate probable gains and losses that these actions may bring. Background and Operations of Tesla Motors Leading the way to a more sustainable transportation system and its innovations, Tesla Motors has established quite a reputation in the automotive industry.

Since its establishment inthe company has grown to be the biggest manufacturer of electric cars in the market. It has contributed more than 50, cars in roads all over the world as of today.

Tesla Motors: A case study in disruptive innovation

Its main goal is to create a transportation system that is more environment-friendly and sustainable. Electric cars are charged at home and do not require refuelling of gasoline unlike the cars designed by other manufacturers.

Quite expectedly, these zero-emission cars were not easily accepted in the market as they were deemed impractical, not to mention consumers were not really impressed with their rather tacky design.

Fortunately, Tesla Motors was able to flip that equation. By releasing their trailblazer electric sports car for the high-end market, the Tesla Roadster, they were able to capture the attention of car enthusiasts and change the face of the green car market. After releasing the Roadster, Tesla pushed for more space in the industry by releasing their luxury sedan, the Tesla Model S in More and more consumers are looking to buy electric cars because of the innovations that were done by the company.

In fact, reservations for their next model releases are already piling up.

Case study tesla motors 17

There is much anticipation for the Tesla Model X and Model 3 releases. How Green is a Tesla Green Car? However, a new technology such as the innovative green car production cannot be made to pass without being thoroughly criticized by the public. Green cars are, by principle, more environment-friendly than the conventional fuel-based cars.

The process, by which it is being manufactured, on the other hand, says otherwise. Furthermore, green cars do run on electricity.

But, how is electricity being processed? Does it not come from coal and petroleum too? All things considered, is a Tesla green car green after all? The company admits that the degree of being environment-friendly of their cars — take the Model S for example, mostly depends on where and how often the car is being driven.

In the US, each state has a different mix of energy sources that basically goes into their grid.

Case study tesla motors 17

Generally, it is still cleaner than the internal-combustion design of their competitors in terms of emissions-per-mile; considering the efficiency of battery-powered cars in converting stored energy into a useful form.

Tesla Motors and the Campaign for Environmental Sustainability Tesla Motors have established its campaign to promote a greener personal transport system through its electric vehicles; but how does it impact the environment in the industrial context?

Are its processes and operations considered as environment-friendly?Read the Tesla and Tata Motors case studies in the text (cases 17 and 18). Jot down any additional thoughts based on your general knowledge of the automotive industry and personal experience with buying, driving, fueling and maintaining cars.

Case Analysis Seminar Week MARketing This Paper is the Synopsis of the case study ‘Tesla Motor Inc.’ which gives a broad overview to the overall car business in the US followed by the examination of the Electric Vehicle and previous models like the Nissan Leaf.

Tesla Motors is an American company that is engaged in the manufacturing, designing and selling of electric cars and electric power-train vehicle as well.

The company was founded by a famous group of brilliant and innovative silicon engineers in Tesla Motors’ Strategy to Revolutionize the Global Automotive Industry Tesla Motors began shipping its much-awaited sig­nature Model S sedan in June and delivered 2, vehicles to customers by year-end.

The Model S was a fully electric, four-door, five-passenger luxury sedan. Tesla Motors: A case study in disruptive innovation. anxiety, Tesla has made a significant investment developing charging stations in the US ( to date, according to the Tesla website), Europe (63), and Asia (17).

Tesla Motors

These supercharger stations can swap out the battery in less time than it takes to fill a tank of gas. That is not the. Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: August 17, To maximize their effectiveness, color cases should be printed in mid, Tesla Motors.

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