A company overview and marketing strategy of startsoft stationeries

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A company overview and marketing strategy of startsoft stationeries

Atlas company overview and market analysis Atlas company introduction and market analysis "Atlas" Sri Lanka's favorite stationery brand is the brainchild of Ceylon Pencil. Established in it is continuing to grow from power to durability and has efficiently gained almost all market show in school, corporate and business and home stationery products.

Today the company is the No. Atlas stands not limited to quality also for innovation. They have manufactured all their products using leading edge technology, adding sophistry and efficiency to the stationery products.

Atlas products are assured to give an increased experience; and quality value for the money. HISTORY The Company began by producing it's maiden product the "varsity Pencil", today it manufactures over stationery products and is proud to be the only stationery brand available all over Sri-Lanka.

Atlas has even tapped into international market segments by forming tactical partnerships with Atlas pencil company UK.

A company overview and marketing strategy of startsoft stationeries

During the 80's and the 90's Atlas brought about productive change by establishing Atlas Plastics Pvt. All these are merged into a commercial vision and mission. That of Atlas is listed below: It shows that before declaring world domination Atlas would need to take small steps and first make an effort to conquer the South Asian market.

The vision of Atlas isn't farfetched, 1 day soon Atlas can fulfill its perspective, if it increases in its constant pace.

A company overview and marketing strategy of startsoft stationeries

In doing, so we consistently inculcate high principles in our workforce and strive constantly to provide them sufficient self-reliance to use their creativeness and creativeness. But it also focuses on protecting and aiding its personnel grow and be better employees. The main aim of the Company is to provide quality goods at a reasonable price to its customers while successfully facing competition.

To do this the business uses technologically advanced method of creation and also uses high quality raw-materials, because of all of the steps the business was granted with ISO Product Portfolio Along with its subsidiaries Atlas has a wide range of products including stationery items, cheap tape and Care products.

The products are symbols of quality and are being used by many students and corporate and business physiques around Sri Lanka. While using growing need for culture organizations were enforced to do something as good corporate and business residents.

Therefore businesses were made to realize the importance to be socially accountable. That is excatly why Atlas has chosen the "Societal Marketing Philosophy", under this philosophy marketing decisions need to be made balancing 3 criteria- Consumer needs and wants Earnings maximization through customer satisfaction for Company welfare Figure: Ceylon Pencil Company Pvt Ltd.

This proves that Atlas caters to consumer needs by providing quality products. Ceylon Pencil Company Pvt. Market Summary The Ceylon pencil company pvt Ltd is the leading fixed producer in Sri Lanka with a wider range of products with the make of "Atlas".

The stationary market in Sri Lanka is an "Oligopoly Market" with few manufacturers offering very similar products. Atlas stationeries mainly concentrate the customers that university students, and workers in offices.

Customers in stationary market mostly choose the products that convenient, attractive, affordable, creative and impressive. Introducing the product can lead to pattern because Atlas Wiz Manufacturer will attract more radiant customers anticipated to, Conveniences Attractiveness Innovativeness It is also being noted that more youthful customers provide an attitude of seeking products which includes above criteria's.

Strengths Brand commitment of customers Atlas is a well known brand which includes been working in the Sri Lankan market for more than 50 years. Therefore even though it's a new product customers will purchase it as a result of confidence they have about the brand. Quality Atlas products are known to be of good quality.

This will likely attract customers to buy the product. Larger market share Atlas is the market head in the fixed sector therefore it is actually a challenge because of their competitors to seize that market talk about from them.

Convenience, attractiveness and innovativeness. Atlas wizmaker is a convenient, attractive product using progressive technology, due to simple fact that it has a pen, pencil, highlighter and eraser all in a single it's a convenient product.

Also the fact that it comes in a variety of colors helps it be appealing to both college children and university or college students similarly. Weaknesses Limited Product assortment The Atlas stationery company is missing deviation in products. The merchandise that Atlas has brought out at the moment are similar to their competitors, it generally does not draw you away from buying the products which can be provided by other competitors Opportunities Because of the active life style of people they look for convenience.

There for discovering this product will bring opportunities to Atlas since this products main gain is convenience. Improve Technology Atlas company has recently formed a relationship with Atlas stationeries UK, this partnership allows them to use new technology to produce the very best quality products.

Export possibilities The recent collaboration that Atlas has made with Atlas stationeries UK, has allowed it to utilize the foreign market segments like this in South Asia, UK, US etc due to its ability to provide high quality products at sensible prices.General Company Description Company overview: Fitness Plus health club is situated in Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

It was formed by David Foster and Steve Homes in December Atlas stationeries mainly concentrate the customers that university students, and workers in offices. market share leadership and improve the positive image of company and its own products are main company and marketing goals.

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